I am a self-confessed writer and delight my time online with family.


Warm kudos for the unwavering love from my kids MJ Kairos, Karl Titus and Giliana Karith and the undying support from my Husband Marlon Cesar, whom I got all my strength in journeying alone in the land where the sun heats up to 40+ degrees.

I dedicate this site to all Filipino Expats who are tired yet continuously stand to bring change to their own families.

I am a loving mother, a loyal wife to my husband, a relentless advocate of woman struggle for financial freedom. A neophite blogger yet aims to capture life's experience and deepest thoughts through blogs.

A new attempt to showcase different views about life, money making information, parenting, fashion, travel, etc. - mixed thoughts and trying to keep all the pieces learning from scratch here in my blog.

Pinay Expat Blogger wants to share anything and everything that inspire.... No boundaries and no limits.. just blogging with utmost confidence.

In as much as I wanted to earn offline, I am also trying to figure out ways in earning passive income from the internet.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions here.


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