Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas.... would never be the same

It's Christmas around the World Wide Web--and it's Christmas at Pinay Expat Blogger too --let's celebrate! May God's love and happiness surround us and our family; may we be filled with His love and peace. May He reign supreme in our hearts during this Christmas season!

It's just so sad that I have a bitter feeling about Christmas at this point in time. It's half past one in the morning and still am lying awake. I can't help but feel so sorry about myself Not only because I am far from my kids but i'ts almost five years now since I didn't celebrate this season with them... poor mama

It reminds me again how I cooked for them homemade macaroni salad in green and red kaong, spaghetti in seafood and mushroom sauce, crispy pata, of course my specialty puto cake and macaroons which my kids would always request.

Everything happen for a reason and I believe that at the end of each storm, there's always a rainbow...!
Have a blessed Christmas to all of us..

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