Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to increase Referrals with PTC, PTR, etc

How to get referrals is always a mind boggling question to all Paid to Click (PTC), Paid to Read (PTR), affiliate programs or any other program users. It boils down to the fact that the more referrals you have means speedy money into your account.

Here are some ways which I found useful and you may as well give it a try to increase your downlines quickly:

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Glitter Words
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Advertise in Forums
Participating in forums is usually free and it saves a lot of time. Contributing your ideas in discussions is likely to create respect and at the same time credibility for your target audience. Just be resourceful enough to locate forums related to your need.

In posting comment, it is great to create your own signatures with your referral links. You can also use banner with some other referral links. In this way, you are advertising your post or link without spending a dime.

Most forums do not allow you to post referral links just anywhere. There is a designated topic such as "Advertise your site" where to post your comment. Be cautious not to add your links anywhere . Chances are, your post will be deleted or worst even deleting your account.

Traffic Exchanges
The power of traffic exchanges is one of the great ways to increase referrals. Traffic exchanges are sites that offer members the capacity to advertise their links and banners for free.

Unlike PTC sites where you are being paid for your clicks in viewing ads, Traffic Exchange sites give you access to free promotion exposing your own links and banners. Most of these sites usually offer some type of ratio for exchange. This means that you can get one referral link to your site after making a click to other website.
Happy Surfing!!!

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