Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweets, Coffee and Mmmm... Music

Sweets Saturday on rainy UAE. I can’t help but just stayed at home and tried to contain myself with sweet moments…

Do you like sweets? Do you know that Christmas and Sweets go together like Santa and reindeer? That is why even if its raining outside I tried to make my own mouth watering candies .

So irresistible yema balls, sugarcoated nuts and squash pastillas. I like them apart from the decade loved chocolates and milk bars.

Have you tried it at home? Making candies to share with family or to give as gift has become customary for any holidays. Candies add fun touch to any event. They have become an intrinsic part of many holiday celebrations. Remember the candy you used to buy growing up? Buy them now from

One thing that goes along with sweets is coffee. brrrr. I just finished my 3rd cup of Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups while surfing the net. I love it. Candies and coffee while listening to my favorite station online...Live365 has Jazz Stations for you! Simply good combination on rainy days.


  1. Hi, just dropping by..I used to live in Dubai before I got married. ;-)

  2. I've never tried making candies at home before, but it sounds uhm... difficult but yum! I might need to look it up, and try it at home!


  3. I wish I knew how to make candies! Happy 17th wedding anniversary by the way! :)

    Thank you for joining my giveaway. I hope you are able to see your kids soon.



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