Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Year Ahead

Welcome 2010. Another year of full of surprises!

It was almost two weeks since I updated my blog.
Time flies so fast that I didn't realize first semester would soon be over. This week, we would be working in school without kids.. higher grades kids will come back on Wednesday and Thursday for the Exams. It's so sad that we will still go to school even without kids to support. But the good thing after is, we will all gonna be happy for the grand fifteen day semestral break. Whew!

This week will definitely be the final week in semester 1. Everybody's waiting and excited. And this would mean more time for my blog!

Definitely during these days I plan to acknowledge my top EC droppers for the month of December, which you guys should watch out. I am looking forward to do a little twist and turns for my website design. And I'm also planning to run a contest and give freebies to jumpstart my 2010. Anyone could bother to give me some sound advice how to do this? Although it's a little bit late, but I believe I can still catch up... Thanks in advance!

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