Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Famous Love Quotes

Love makes us tolerate destiny, and makes us love life.
E. Morin, French philosopher and sociologist, Method V

Even if I speak all the languages of men and of angels, if I don't have love, life became sounding brass, and a clanging cymbal.

Bible, Corinthians

The two wings of our souls, immune to any gust of wind, are true love and faith.
Attributed to Stanislas-Xavier Touchet, 1848-1926, French religious

If I could have 3 wishes,
I wouldn't wish for the stars, the moon,the riches and this life.
But for 25 hours a day,8 days a week,and 13 months a year
to spend a longer time with you.

Since it's love month... love, love, love, Valentine wishes...

The Sweet Life Ungkutan - Online Filipino Community

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