Thursday, March 25, 2010

1000 EC points from Mariuca!

Blogging appeals to me six months ago when I came across ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income. Although from the very beginning Blogging seems very vague to me since I don't have any knowledge about website creation, html, networking, etc., I still tried my hand on it. It has given me a considerable amount of joy being home away from home, a self fulfilled "trying hard" writer. For me, the desire to reach a fix figure through it, would be a dream worth fulfilling in the days to come.

In so far as my passion for blogging is concerned, I have reach a considerable amount of visitors to my site after joining Entrecard, and just recently Adgitize - My blog traffic communities. Prior to joining these network, I came to a point of not having any visitor to my site for two weeks. Thanks to Jomar Hilario and some other internet gurus by showing me how to start this passion. A free e-book about blogging, joining forums, and visiting other blog sites have been very helpful.
After browsing some commendable blogs like Basic Bloganomics, Mariuca, and Ungkutan, Blogging made me stay for a while surfing the net, whilst my plan to continue my innermost dream to write my heart out is still at heat. Thus, Pinay Expat Blogger has evolved and tried to thrive til today.

Thanks to all those who continue to drop and support my site. Kudos to Mariuca, and for sharing her blessings especially to new blogger like me.. I just grab a thousand EC points from Mariuca days ago... It's my first incentive so far as a Blogger and this gesture will forever be appreciated.... Kudos Mariuca!

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