Monday, May 3, 2010

Lumps in the Throat

Treat Your Own Neck. This is the best lesson I've learned so far after getting some lumps on my throat a couple of days. The scorching heat with 54% humidity dries up my throat and since my AC is not working well and not getting enough nutritious food in my busy days, had all add up to the pain I was bearing.

I tried to neglect the small lumps thinking that it will cure on its own. I misinterpreted this disorder until it grows into a bigger lumps just like the size of a golf ball and it starts hurting me.

I immediately sought my doctor's advice, though thanks goodness it was not cancerous as I thought it was. Most lumps are not cancerous, but any lump or change in a lump should be paid well attention. Any symptoms of throat infection should not be neglected. To prevent anything from taking its worst,one must take precautionary measures. One way is to take steps to boost our Immune System naturally.

Though I felt guilty for not accurately pampering my body as it deserves lately, still I would like to share some important tips:
Invest in your sleep and that's eight hour a day to combat stress. Drink lots of fluids which is always the best way to flush away toxins from our bodies. Load up your bodies with tons of fruits and vegetables which is imperative for maintaining a healthy and strong body. Good exercise, etc. etc.

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