Thursday, June 10, 2010

Atokens to say Thank You!

Saying thank you online couldn't be easier! Join and send and receive a token of appreciation to anyone. Follow me and receive a token Click here.

How it works?

Atokens is a site based on virtual currency appreciation token. It is similar to having and sending virtual gift cards. The only difference is that instead of card, you can send someone a token as a means of saying thank you for anything and everything under the sun. May it be a gratitude for following you in your site, for visiting and commenting, for being a friend and so on and so forth.

Besides sending tokens, what else can I do with the tokens?
As of now, there not much as atoken beta has just been launch. Sooner, you can spend token on games and other web applications. Also, you can redeem for products/gifts and gift cards. Hopefully these added features will be available in the coming months.

I own a blog, how can help?
Atokens aims at increasing traffic to your blog and get more comments by creating contest and giving away appreciation tokens. Anyone can join, plus there's no fee in sending and receiving tokens. Join now and start saying Thank You as a token of love.

Click HERE to join for free.

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