Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Love Me: Emotionally

This is the last series of Girls Talk for this month. I did enjoyed this month's meme hosted by Beauty Queen Gene, a very wondrous effort to share thoughts online and gain friends at the same time.

I've been into rocky road of emotions this week. I am emotionally down and worried about my son's hospitalization due to dengue. Being a mom away from them, It's very frustrating and I feel so lame and weak. I wanted to help and be there physically, but could not because I cannot just leave my job to attend to him. More so, even if you wanted to check his status more often, but due to expensive overseas calls you just limit to some extent, and I extremely hate it.

How I wish to be there to hold his hand and whisper "it will gonna be alright, just hold on, be strong - you can overcome it son". I only have strong faith to cling on and prayers to hold up high in order to remain steadfast in this trying times.

Trials in life made me realize that indeed there are many crossroads and not all lead to happiness. Our emotional stability will determine our success in life. In my experience, I always feel that our emotion is intertwined with spirituality. The more stronger our faith in God, the more we are willing to grow in all ways. Thus, it easier to accept change in all areas of our lives, even how difficult they may seem.

Dealing with emotion sometimes come with maturity. It serves a certain purpose in our lives. It makes us a higher being with unlimited possibilities compared to other living creatures. Just take control of it, befriend it and love it. Surely it will give us a sense of peace.

How emotionally mature are you? Come share your thoughts at Girls Talk every Thursday.


  1. I feel you... I always say that it's really challenging yet rewarding to be a mom. And I pray that your son gets well soon.

    Take Care! ♥

  2. hi,

    I'm new here at GT...

    I miss my mom so much as i read your post... indeed all moms are worthy for the best credit that this life could offer... My prayers be with you.

    God bless us all ;-)

  3. hi sis.. i hope your son gets well soon..
    hang in there sis.. i know how u mean.. and sometimes i would go through the same emotional state too..

    see u!

  4. my friend i know u're emotionally strong!do hold on and let's pray for titus' recovery!God is good, He takes care of you always!!



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