Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Love Me: Financially

Girls Talk

I stumbled upon this meme from Beauty Queen Gene Site and I am happy to share my stuff on money matters. I believe so that being financially dependent makes us more determined to face life to the fullest. We can do what we want and at the same we can extend help to those who really need it.

The deepest part of leaving my family back home in the pursuit of giving a financially stable life for my kids is the most painful decision I ever did. I just thank God for blessing me with a good employment here in UAE to make me say that "it's worth it". Crossing borders and being away from your lovedones especially to my kids, is tough but being able to provide them with better education, good living, and happy faces everytime one or two wishes being granted.. that's more than enough to be thankful for!


Two months back I used to ride a taxi in going to my workplace and it's draining my pocket for 14 dhs every day. When I discovered that there are new buses plying around the town, I immediately tried riding once and I save 12 dhs daily from that time on. The savings I got from transportation alone has been added to my monthly savings in a mutual fund which I look forward to when I retire in the future.

True enough, if we just know how to save we will have extra thing at the end of each month, of each year.... and it will accumulate at the point that we won't be able to notice it. It doesn't have to be very big.

When it comes to budgeting my own food too, I tried to be frugal. Before I used to splurge in buying nice and expensive foods. Instead of jasmine rice, I now cook white rice which costs me more than half of the cost of jasmine. I also found one restaurant that throws up their chicken wings, bones and skin every day. These I am collecting twice a week which gave me an opportunity to create an offline business. I now have a "chicharon" offline biz out of chicken skin.

I like the idea of finding more ways to save and be financially stable. Sometimes we just have to be creative and resourceful in doing so.... More Girls Talk soon..


  1. Grabe naman sis, wag mu naman tipirin yung self mu paminsanminsan para di magsisi sa huli.. at least yung reasonable spending nman... nice to know your side of this story... mine is at Woman’s elan vital

  2. Wow, you must be tough sis. A tough decision living your kids. But I'm sure they are blessed to have a mother like you. Thanks for your share !

  3. i can relate to you sis because my sister left her son too to give him a good life and that's the hardest decision she made in her entire life. and for that I salute you, sis!

    naku dito ang mahal ng chicken wings, dyan itinapon lang.

    you can see my post here...
    happy GT!

  4. i cannot imagine leaving my daughter to work abroad. mamamatay siguro ako sa lungkot. huhu. galing mo sis, nakaya mo ang homesickness for them. saludo ako sayo :)

    see ya next week! ;)

  5. wow, very inspiring naman, your kids should be really proud of you....

  6. Kaya nakakabilib ang OFW, madami din akong mga friends OFW sa dubai na girls na they really sacrifice a lot...

    I am from an OFW family before my hubby just arrived for good last month. Yung for good I just dont know kung kailan kasi mahirap talaga ang buhay sa atin....kaya nugn nasa abroad sya nag iipon talaga ako para may madatnan sya pag uwi nya

    Thanks for following my blog, followed you back and a little link back for you.....Returning back the love....

  7. that's very inspiring.. that's how far a mother can go to make sure the children will have a stable future, sana lang maappreciate yan ng mga anak di ba.



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