Friday, July 2, 2010

Thank God It's Friday!

TGIF! Usually I started friday going to the fish market to buy fresh vegies and fish for the week. But today it's different. I just don't know, I feel like there's some sense of emptiness deep within me that I can't explain. I just set aside for an hour my online drops with ENTRECARD and ADGITIZE...later I'll be back!

I woke up early one hour than usual, took a shower and head on to the church. It's my first time to visit the newly built cathedral of St' Mary's. Thank God for this wonderful day that it made me refreshed and relaxed for the whole time.

Just looking at the grotto of the Mama Mary made me almost burst into tears, remembering my lovedones back home. I just lit three candles, put three dirhams in the box and whispered my simple wishes.

The good thing during this day is that, I went to the church two hours much earlier than the scheduled mass, so I have more time to ponder and think about everything... It made me feel to be a better person than I think I am. So much things we have planned for ourselves and for our future. Yet, I realized there's only one source who could ever make our future safe...and it's only HIM, the infinite giver of this life. Give a little time to pray everyday.

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