Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ways To Keep In Touch With Your Family While Working Abroad

Every year more and more Filipinos are leaving the country in search for a greener pasture abroad. Seeking on ways to make family survive financially in another country, there lies the sad truth that most OFW Families end up having broken homes because of lack of communication. It is tough though, but in this internet age, we can fill in this gap by investing in inexpensive ways to communicate with your loved ones.

Some simple ways to consider in keeping the family bond stronger while abroad:

1. Phonecards. Ensure that you communicate with family as soon as you landed in another country. This is the cheapest yet more direct way to talk with them and at the same time you can control your phonecard expense if you run short of budget for calls.

2. Get a roaming card. Let your family reach out to you through your roaming card. It will cost them only 1 peso per text message. It's the most popular way of communicating in the Philippines, so rest assured they will talk to you often. If you don't have one, try to avail from local SMART, Globe, etc. or you ask a relative to send you one via courier.

3. Internet Connection. Take an internet connection to chat with them longer. Installing software’s in your computer such as Skype, Yahoo, Google etc. where you can do voice chat reduce the cost of buying more phonecards. If you can’t afford to install an internet connection, try to visit an internet cafe near you. You can pay per hour at an affordable rate.

4. Email. This is a more direct and personalized approach to talk to your lovedones. Sign in to Yahoo, Gmail or hotmail so you can write your heart out spontaneously. You can also send an e-card on special occasions (a lot of free e-cards available on the net) which is offered virtually by websites at no cost. You may send gifts and have it delivered at your lovedones door through online shops and stores. Try Philippine Ebay and

5. Social Networking Sites. This is so popular nowadays even kids can teach you how to do it. Who doesn’t want to plant and harvest at facebook? Connect with your family using social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster and Twitter. Here, you can share pictures, songs, videos, etc as long as you like, without feeling guilty of not being with them on special occasions. Sharing experiences through this platform would ease out homesickness.

6. Blogging. Share your innermost thoughts and experiences by maintaining an online diary where you can connect to your friends and family online. You can keep it private if you want to share it to your loved ones only.

7. Check on the local news. You can subscribe to TFC (The Filipino Channel), or google in to local news ABS CBN, Philippine news online to keep you updated with your country’s affair and share with your lovedones.

All these and more are just some of the ways to compensate the time being miles and miles away from your family.

Get over this hurdle and aid your way to stay close with your lovedones and use the available platform next to you. There’s nothing more important in an OFWs life than by keeping one’s family intact through good and bad times!

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  1. dais!this is really great!!i know how u miss ur family so much!!thank heavens for technology!!!



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