Thursday, August 12, 2010

GT: Movies to Watch With Your Husband

Nothing beats a moment shared while watching a film as you snuggle up with your loved ones in cinema or at home. A film both funny with a love story plot in between is the movie that I will surely recommend to watch with my husband. For eighteen years of being married together definitely I know what motivates him and what would make him dismay. Laugh your way out together or fall in love as you try to watch the following films.

meet the parents (uploaded through

• "Meet the Parents" starring Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller is a fantastic mix of casting and intellectual blend of comedy. It's one of the most entertaining films in 2000.

• "Shirley Valentine" is another romantic film that you can watch over and over again. You will get in love with Pauline Collins, Tom Conti and Bernard Hill.

• "When Harry Met Sally" is a wonderful romantic movie starring Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal and Carrie Fisher. A great film focused on affairs that eventually blossomed out of friendship. Wow this movie has hit me to the bone!

You may as well share a weepy movie or romantic drama with a twist of comedy with your hubby. Whatever your choice of film to share with him, make sure that you will have a grand time watching together. By the way, what's your movie pick? Reel your way to share them here at Girls Talk! with Beauty Queen Gene every Thursday.


  1. hello, i was able to wath meet the parents and it was fun.. i need to watch the two next movies because i haven't seen it yet...

  2. oh I remember these movies...was hilarious....:) thanks for sharing...great to be here!

  3. i almost peed on my pant watching Meet the Parents..great movie indeed!

    great recommendation sis
    mine is here

  4. MEg Ryan is so cute here, i also love this movie...

  5. I love this movie, very funny...

    here's mine:

  6. this one is very memorable for me... :)

  7. Great choice, I loved this movie. I watched it with hubby, we were both laughing..

  8. meet the parents and meet the fockers are my favorite ben stiller films! loved them!

    haven't watched the two others. but i heard they were also good, so adding to my to-watch list now ;)



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