Thursday, September 2, 2010

Red High Heels at GT!

To fill the world with reddish things is the spectacular event happening at GT today! I'm not the type of person who actually so fascinated with red stuffs except on valentine’s day where I have to wear red shirt, or during my birthday wearing anything red to shy away from evils prowling around, or during new year's eve where I have put on red stuffs with dots to invite good fortune. LOL.

Just being curious about how to wear those red high heels! Some experts would say it's a symbol of sex appeal and feminity. It's an indispensable choice for actresses attending some glamorous occasions and for some just a nice treats to flaunt those sexy nice legs!
Nydia13 Ruffled High Heel Pump RED

We all know that most women find therapeutic benefits and solace in wearing shoes! I just want to feel the "so called" magic most women claimed when wearing this piece.yay. This kind of feeling "beautiful" and "confident" is an amazing thing to experience. Have you tried wearing those red bottoms at least for once? I may not be Victoria Beckham or Nicole Kidman walking down the red carpet, wearing one could make me feel tall and smart, why not?

Enjoy reddish moment at Girls Talk today! with Beauty Queen Gene every Thursday.

I wish you everything red and nice!


  1. wow!! nice post here Sis ^_^ yeah!! I could say that I am one of those redly girl who loves the benefits of wearing red stuffs ^_^. It gives me a lot of strenght and gorgeousness even if wala naman talaga!!! hahaha confidence lang yan diba??? I don't know basta I so Love red!!!!

    >>> Happy Girls Talk

  2. the shoes looks so sexy indeed. I wish I can wear one..hahaha..hindi ata kaya ng powers ko.. :)

  3. sis, when I was still in my 20s I cannot go out in flats... talagang high heels siya maliban nalang kung fieldwork.. but when I accumulated age, lol I stopped becasue I already can feel after effect it does not feel good on the back .. nice pumps...

  4. This is a very informative post, I just knew it now from now on I promise to wear red shoes hehehe

  5. yeah, I heard wearing high heels has a great effect on one's sexual performance...hmmm guess time to wear those heels huh lol...lovely pair you have on your blog

  6. I have a high heels and eventhough it's not Red,but I do feel the magic, I feel so girly and I feel so tall, LOL!

  7. I love high heels .. weird , am boyish yet I love high heels?hehehe.. maybe I am extreme.. It's either sneakers or heels. I am not that tall that's why am become a fan of heels . but still not a red one, it will not compliment my feet hehehehe..

    Happy GT!

  8. hi bff!wish i can wear heels!but i always experience cramps!wahh!guess i have to resign myself to wearing wedges!oh dear!!

  9. i always love to wear red high heeled shoes like that kaya lang wala akong pagteternohan at paggagamitan.n it looks so sexy and alluring.

    my entry is here, sis...

  10. cute naman ng high heel na yan..i love to wear one but didn't have the chance:(...di naman bagay pang school shoes..he...he...

    thanks for the visit at Fashion Explorer:)

  11. i've never worn stilettos in my life because of my height (i'm pretty tall for a filipina), and besides, my feet complains when i try to. hee hee.

    but i would love red ballet flats. that would suit me better :)

  12. I love those stilletos! RED shoes = superb confidence!

    Here's mine:



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