Friday, June 10, 2011

Snack Ideas for School Kids

Been thinking lately on  Healthy Snacks for Kids  at school or for afternoon brunch? Tummy rumbling recipes could really be mind boggling but preparing Recipes for Happy Kids at a cost affordable to you and your family is another issue. As the school time opens, amazingly fun and easier  Taste of Home Easy Back to School Meals for lunches and brunch are what every moms wish to prepare.

Kick off this new school year with delicious cakes ,Cupcakes, fruity bars,  and snack bars..  You can also prepare delectable  sandwiches with a dash of vegies. As soon as your kids come from school, you can treat them too with this cool coconut macaroons  which is an all time Filipino favorite.

You can check how to make coconut macaroons here.

Another cool yet affordable snacks that you can try:
toron - sliced banana rolled in lumpia wrapper and deep fried.  For variation, you can add sliced langka (jackfruit) or grated young coconut with cinnamon.

binignit  - a fruit stew and root crops cooked perfectly with a blend of coconut milk.  A warm treat to behold.

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  1. hi bff, turon and binignit are the all-time faves when it comes to meryenda! sometimes, though, good ole champorado is enough to conclude a tiring schoolday! hope to catch up with you later,take care always!



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