Saturday, October 20, 2012

Heat Press Machine

I was trying to customize designs for Tees lately. This has been our dream business a year ago and thanks heaven, we were able to materialize with the help of a friend. My husband and I were so lucky to buy one unit Heat Press Machine from a small shop inside DCLA Davao City at cost including its consumables. To our luck, we have convince our neighbors to be our first customer for Tshirt Printing using Heat Press Machine. We were all excited to see how this simple machine works. Customizing shirts and printing your own designs are so easy in just a press away. Here are my first samples:
I bet this machine not only good for tees but also puzzles, foldable fans, umbrellas, Jerseys, tote bags, wallets and even slippers. These are pretty good ideas and just in time for Christmas as best gift items for anyone. Maybe also great deal for national election? hmmm..let me see.


  1. no doubt about it, with election fever just about to heat off!!hay naku bff, uber serious ka na sa biz career u hahaha! do pm me anyime on my fb page ok!take the best of care!!

  2. hi! ask lng ako kung magkano bili mo sa DCLA? i'm planning to start a t-shirt printing business din kasi..


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