Monday, March 15, 2010

Wishing on 50000 EC giveaway from Mariuca

Being new to Entrecard is quite a an awesome experience. You get to visit some good and useful sites for your links and reference. Today, I just read that Mariuca, from Wishing on a Falling Star, is giving away 50000 EC credits from her account. It hits me to the maximum excitement to join this and maybe you too...What are you waiting for?

Wish me luck, though I felt a guilty since I do not drop on her site quite so often, still I hope for the best to win! It's a generous gesture for her to share blessings on fellow bloggers new and old alike. Soar on high Mariuca!

Here's my three guesses: 137,923 and 143, 228 and 147,582.

Check on "Wishing on a Falling Star" blog about 50,000 EC Giveaway for more details and hint!


  1. Please visit my blog:

  2. Hola, thanks for joining my giveaway! Your entry has been listed, good luck! :)



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