Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wind Beneath My Wings

It's always nice to cherish wedding anniversaries. It holds an unexplainable joy in every couple's heart having to pass through significant trials of ups and downs together.

Today is our 17th wedding anniversary as stated on the paper. A simple yet well celebrated marriage vow was actually held on July. Yet we still make it a point to celebrate what has been written on paper. It's a typographical error and we didn't bother to correct it. My husband and I agreed to some point to just leave it like that. After all celebrating two wedding anniversary dates in a year is awesome.

My kids woke me up via an overseas call today just to greet me. There's no such happiness that I can ever link or backlink their confidence, trust and love.

So to keep the family spirit alive in both places, we decided to cook any dish with noodles (pansit). My kids told me they have prepared spaghetti and I prepared sotanghon. We believe that having any noodle dish on special occasion such as this would make any relationship more stronger and happier.

As an expat mum being away from your family is not a hindrance to keep the communication line open. Every celebration means love and affection. And a simple gesture of calling via internet or phone expressing how much they care for you ... just enough to have blown my heart away.
Definitely... My family, my life, my love, and always the wind beneath my wings!

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