Thursday, December 3, 2009

What's your 2010 resolution?

This year is truly tough and very challenging especially for all OFW’s around the world. How many days are left and countdown to 2010 is almost near!

Do you consider yourself accomplished? Or are there something else in your mind that you want to achieve? Of course we all love to think of something better in improving our lives may it be physical, financial, emotional and so on.

We cannot deny the fact that though we are earning more financially compared to our jobs back home, sometimes we feel it still not enough. How to go over the problem seem to be always mind boggling. The many ‘how to’ questions are endless.

Whatever our choices maybe, I agree to the the idea that we should start to "begin with the end in the mind". To be successful in life, what do we really want?

A very good suggestion is to come up with a ‘TO DO LIST’ which will guide us to work on that plan. Having a roadmap for all our GOALs in life is easier for us to picture out what we must accomplish for the coming year. Start a SMART GOAL and make it happen. After all this universe deserves to have a bunch of happy and contented people!

Lose weight, save money, quit smoking or volunteer to help others? If you have more resolution to suggest, don’t hesitate to leave comments.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for dropping by sa akong payag. Yup bisdak kaayo ko.

    Kung imo 2010 resolution is to lose weight, ako baliktad. Gusto ko mo gain og another 10 lbs. LOL.


  2. Thanks for the visit! I don't make any new year's resolution anymore because I can't live up to my promises eh. lol




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