Friday, February 12, 2010

Filipinos in Dubai

Why Dubai? A lot of Filipinos are convinced of leaving their home country in exchange of the luxury and comfortable living in Dubai. It has gained so much popularity because of the job opportunities, Life in Dubai and the elegant, towering-skyscrapers that convinced them one way or the other to stay for good.

Many Filipinos want the best life for their families. Amid the high cost of living, the longing for better shelter, more food, education, etc., let’s get it straight there’s no other way out, but to go abroad.
Why Dubai? Check Dubai, UAE PopOut Map and Top 10: Dubai & Abu Dhabi (Eyewitness Travel Guides) to give you a clearer view of the emirate and Dubai Expat Guide.

A visit to this small city in a tiny emirate and look for a dazzling golden opportunity is worth the penny. Just imagine there are more than ten supersized shopping malls and more still to be built, more buildings and man made island development visible in the moon, a top luxury resort hotel among others, should you consider if you are eyeing for an opportunity. The question is, is going to Dubai worth giving up your family and life in the Philippines? Are more Filipinos been satisfied and monetized well?

The grand view of the place is quite mesmerizing, but a bit of culture shock came in to me by surprise. You are entering into a multicultural world, wherein you will be competing with not just fellow Filipinos, but with other nationalities as well. You have to be fully equipped to stand this test and able to win the job of your dreams. One clue is you must learn to know their culture as well as their language...Arabic For Dummies Audio Set will guide you how.

We have seen businesses rising, opportunities abound, job offers here and there. The only good thing about Dubai is that, it is where you can practice your own degree. As far as my observations are concerned, it is only here where you can find engineers, nurses, secretaries, accountants and teachers happily landed in their choice of jobs especially if you are Filipino.

Seeing all these changes unfold before my very eyes, I can see some Kababayans having been lucky to have a job in some of the wealthy and stable companies owned by Dubai government. Some made it a decade to stay in here with their kids. But there were some who found it unlucky and tied in a job which is not paying them so well. A journey into the Arab land with a touch of western culture , somehow made me feel it’s worth staying and could bring me fortune. And thank goodness I found a better job to offset my loneliness to my lovedones and of course the bottomline, money.

When recession came in and shocked the whole world by surprise, Dubai is not exempted. Some companies closed down, staff been laid off , expat ran away from debts and some are still trying to find ways and means to pay off.

The good thing about Filipinos, we are versatile. We always have a bit of everything. We always fit ourselves and expertise to whatever opportunities laid before us. This is the mere fact that sets us us apart from the rest of expats. We can humble ourselves and accept the turf although it is not really the degree or status we have just to standstill and persevere life's worrying surprises.

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