Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up - Big Five

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up watching is the latest craze among UAE OFW's here in Al Ain. After some hectic sched of doing the nine to five work, it feels good watching this show. PinoyBigBrother DoubleUp show makes us smile amid a worrisome day and giggle for a while.

Pinoy Big Brother Melason Tandem (Melissa + Jason) so far has done a very good job in entertaining their fans. Three days more to go and it will announce the big winner in this one of a kind reality show.

Leading the pack was Paul Jake with a whopping 31.47%, followed not-so-closely by Jason with 23.20%. Third up, which came as a surprise as she has been consistently strong in being saved from previous evictions, was Melai with only 20.94%. Johan, on the other hand, got 13.38% while Tibo received a relatively meager 10.82%.

pinoy big bro big five

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