Friday, June 18, 2010

Adgitize - Never Too Late To Join Summer Promotion

Adgitize Special Summer Promotion Helps You Earn More Money!

What is Adgitize? It originated from a two-word combination agitate + advertising. "Agitate" means to give motion or arouse public feeling while "advertising" means to arouse a desire for action. "Adgitize" then is to arouse customers to action and get people to write in their blog, visit other blogs and by clicking on ads.

I just joined Adgitize recently and I was amazed at how the unique system of payments are tracked. As of this writing, I already earned 326 ad views, 68 page views and 51 clicks - not bad for a newbie that's just starting to adgitize.

Summer promotion will run through July 31st, 2010. Sign up
HERE to start earning from your blog.

Why Adgitize? As a blogger, worry no more about traffic! Get access to your statistics and you will see it increasing every single day.

Better yet if you sign up as advertiser at Adgitize Network, you'll have nothing to lose. You will definitely get the chance to get your money back plus you will earn extra.

Just Maintain a score of 300 points in a day and you will get a minimum of 47 cents. This represents an amount of $14.57 for a full 31 day month.

How to maintain 300 score points? As an advertiser you are entitled to 100 points. By clicking 51 ads you will score 100 points, and by writing an article on your blog you will then get additional 100 points which give you a total of 300 points.

You will also be scoring page views and ad view bonus points each day which will increase your chances of reaching the 300 point level.

Join "Adgitize - Get World Class Advertising on a Bloggers Budget" and make sure you get your share.

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