Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Jejemon Cake For Birthday

A jejemon cake for birthday?


It's my youngest daughter's birthday today and she especially requested a jejemon cake. As a mom living far away from them, I was a little bit curious on what a jejemon is. I've heard so much about this from my kids a month ago but don't understand why even a seven year old daughter would even want to be part of this craze. So I turned my way and surf down the internet to search for an answer and this is what has to say:

1) Usually seen around social networking sites such as Friendster and Multiply, jejemons are individuals with low IQs who spread around their idiocy on the web by tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje, making all people viewing their profile raise their eyebrows out of annoyance. Normal people like you and me must take a Bachelor of Arts in Jejetyping in order to understand said individuals, as deciphering their text would cause a lot of frustration and hair pulling. CAUTION: THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE BREEDING! THEY CAN BE SEEN WRECKING GRAMMATICAL HAVOC ON FACEBOOK TOO!

2) Jejemons are not just confined to trying-hard Filipino gangsters and emos. A Jejemon can also include a variety of Latino-Hispanic fags who enjoy typing "jejejejeje" in a wider context, much to the disdain of their opponents in an internet MMORPG game such as Ragnarok and DOTA.

3) Basically anyone with a low tolerance in correct punctuation, syntax and grammar. Jejemons are usually hated or hunted down by Jejebusters or the grammar nazi to eradicate their grammatical ways.

Anyway, I found it so funny but I realized that satisfying their own childhood desire would mean something good to them. The Jejemon cake that she requested would be better looking if decorated using The Cake Decorator's Motif Bible: 150 Fabulous Fondant Designs with Easy-to-Follow Charts and Photographs.

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