Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fashion Thursday

Thank God it's Thursday. Before heading for home today, I went in to one of the malls and as usual enjoyed window shopping.

I like being inside the mall sometimes once a week just to get rid of the usual daily tasks. Window shopping for irresistible. Though I am not the type who would rush in to buy things as you see them. I just love to exercise my eyes as I glanced, be amazed and amused at anything. I started my way by peeping at the shops offering discounts. There are sale going on at Nine west, Shoemart, Lifestyle and Splash. It always fascinates me to gaze at different shoes, bags, and apparels. Huh, Inshallah (In God's will), I can buy the items I liked before going home.

Sigh. I have already prepared my list of presents for my lovedones. I am considering to buy a Swatch Irony Chrono Dreamnight Mens Watch YCS485Gfor my eldest son.

Anyway, I love doing this. Aside from being informed about the latest trend in fashion and what's on sale, I feel relaxed both in body and spirit. Of course no need to worry about your wallet since you don't need to shed out those hard earned money just at a glance. Being frugal helps.

Do you have any ideas to share about shopping, items etc. Share your stuff here on Thursdays!

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