Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Learning Mentor's School Break

A Learning Mentor is another term used for a learning support assistant or teaching assistant. The only difference is that, a mentor works on identified children with learning difficulties, giving individualized attention. Thanks to this book that helped and guided me through the mentoring process: The Mentor's Guide: Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships.

I am not a teacher but I have the passion and care for children that is why I have come to love this turf. It's not because of the amount of salary that I am getting from this job that made me stick to it, but I feel like I can still be in this job until I'll be in my 50's (hope so). I believe that making a difference in children's lives and giving hope to their dreams are something that can't be duplicated.

Now that school days are over, I just can't wait to see my kids back home.
I can't afford to miss them while mentoring... I love this job.



  1. a selfless dedication, I salute you for your honorable endeavor. God bless

  2. Thanks Josie, wish u the best too..

  3. hi mam daisy!so glad to see you in this pics!!!i love it!!!



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