Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Will I Do If I Win $100?

Joining an online contest is a chock full of excitement especially if you will be chosen as one of the luckiest winners. Though at times when we are not as lucky as the victor, just being able to return the favor of joining is worth a lifetime experience!

This is my entry to the "Thanksgiving Contest" of Levy (Living Life to the Fullest) and Noel (Designer's Depot) with the hope to give the best answer to the question: What will I do if I win $100?

As an expat mom, being home away and far from my loved ones is the hardest part that I have ever experienced. Thanks goodness to the battery of weapons that link me to keep in touch with them. We have email, YM, Skype and of course cellphones. Although I may not be there physically for my kids, I keep the communication line open as it is the key to strengthen ties.

I own this vintage mobile which I used for the past two years now. As a mom working abroad my utmost priority is my family's needs and sometimes to the point of sacrificing my own. In as much as I wanted to have a new cellphone I always ponder and have to think twice. I have to give importance to children tuition fees, school supplies, allowances and some other miscellaneous fees.


How families abroad overcome long distances to stay in touch is to communicate in meaningful ways. And one of the best avenue is through phones and text messages. If given the chance to win this contest, I surely opt to buy a new phone as this the cheapest yet effective way to reach out to my kids and family. I am not craving for sophisticated and technically savvy unit, but holding something that is new and at least more upgraded than this ones would be treasured.

Just as bloggers want links to their blogs, families in distance need a linky love to enhance relationship.

1 comment:

  1. hi! i read this contest yesterday and i think am too late to join :)

    anyway, i hope you win, you got a nice post :) good luck!




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