Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Bash, Do We Need It Or Just A Simple Note Will Do?

Hello?!? a high-pitched voice coming from the other line on my phone lingered in my ear this morning. That's my daughter, she can't express her feeling while listening to me.

It just remind me once again that on Friday will be her 7th birthday!

Every Year on Your Birthday

I wish to be physically there to celebrate this birthday with her. Five days back was her brother's birthday too. For years and years we've been there for them giving away birthday bash.

Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake 7"

This time, I can only afford to blow away just one simple note to say: You're loved. Being not been there for quite a time does not mean you don't hold a piece in my heart.

Here's my wishful hope for you to stay as sweet and lovely as you are now. Have a blissful health, more wealth and a sound spirit!

Happy Birthday to You!


  1. My hearty birthday wishes to your cute little daughter...

  2. Thanks. Your wish is appreciated

  3. Thanks. Your wish is appreciated



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