Monday, July 19, 2010

PEBA 2010 - Strengthening OFW Families

peba ofw family

Give your support to all OFWs and their families!

PEBA’s 2010 Theme: An Out of the Ordinary Call


PEBA or Pinoy Expats-OFW Blog Awards  Inc. (an organization that honors the best and inspiring Expatriates and Overseas Filipino Workers Blogs and bloggers around the world) has witnessed the real plight of OFWs and their families with a great conviction that “strengthening the OFW families, strengthens the homes and the nation!”

With great and holistic desire to bring impact to OFW’s lives through blogs, PEBA saw the relentless need to bring change! 


A quite number of blogs or articles have been written, aired and published related to this topics and yet there’s still a need to be done for the Philippine Government to take its toll on this matter.  With the new era running deep to Philippines politics, hope this move will shake and move authorities and lift families down the drain.

What can you do? 

As Expats and Filipino blogggers here and abroad, let your blogosphere experience do the tricks and magic.  Yes you can make a difference!   Bloggers like you out there, this is the time to shine and to show that YOU CARE:  Let your hearts and minds do the talking. 


  • Simply CLICK THE ICON BELOW TO JOIN and place it in your blog:

Blog about OFW families and the different ways on how to keep relationship intact despite of long distances.


  • Write articles related to family affairs, parenting, family communication, parent-child coaching and counseling, etc. Kiss


  • Post articles to motivate pinoy expats around the globe especially catered to families who are falling apart and  searching for hope to keep families together.Cool


  • Post motivational entries to uplift pinoy expats in turmoil, share your experiences in strengthening families while working abroad and being away from them.Smile

  • Share your insights and tips on how to express love for spouses and children on distance.Cool


Don't forget this year's theme is: 

“Strengthening the OFW Families: Stronger Homes for a Stronger Nation”.


Let OFW's voices be heard beyond and across all borders. 

Some issues are hidden and kept, others yet to be discovered.  Most often than not, those who struggled hard to find solace with their own families back home ended up facing nightmares and sleepless nights in foreign lands.....

Not all OFW's stories feature defeats, there are also some who became winners in their own plight. 

Thank God for this marvelous blessing He endowed to this families, and hoping these blessings will be cascaded down to all levels of OFW’s waiting to be rescued and blessed, time and time again.


Filipino families matter best…. We should build it stronger…Give your Share.

Support PEBA!






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