Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adgitize Bonus Palooza

Photobucket Adgitize is extending its Summer Promotion this month of August and beyond! This is a very exciting venture wherein you as a publisher will get the chance to earn while posting daily on your blog. If you place an ad on Adgitize network, you will get your money back guaranteed! Call it bonus palooza!

I have tried this scheme last month and indeed I have earned $12.5 with less effort. There's is nothing more important than the traffic it gives to your site. More so, I've noticed that my Alexa Ranking has dropped from 800k down to 300k, which was definitely good enough! It helped me raked some other writing gigs from review sites by approving Pinay Expat based on PR and Alexa ranking.

I am so excited on the continuing phase of Summer Promo and I am looking forward to earn more, so why not give it a try? Here's the catch:

* Earn 300 points daily when you place your ad and earn .47 cents USD a day (you pay only $14 a month - money back guarantee).

How to earn 300 points daily is easy as 123. Just post a blog daily (100 points), Visit at least 51 blogsites of your choice and click on their Adgitize badge (100 points), as an advertiser (automatic 100 points). This means getting full revenue of your paid ads each month.

What are you waiting for? You can be a publisher but placing an ad on Adgitize network can be more rewarding and fun. In every person you refer, Adgitize will give you a bonus fee and you can earn too on their ad. Find out why many bloggers continue their Blog Advertising Month after month at Adgitize

Adgitize your web site.

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