Monday, August 2, 2010

Three Ways to Make Money Online

Have you been thinking lately on how to earn online? As a beginner, you may be bombarded with lots of stuffs, read some ebooks or maybe you have come across some sites that promise overnight quick-rich scheme. Mind you, there is no such a deal. Don't be persuaded with those lies as the road to earning online takes extra effort and time in order to reap the rewards.

Internet is a goldmine and some people are benefitting from it. There are some truly legit sites that offer you extra money that may later replace your regular daytime jobs. Sure enough, you should be equally patient to do your own research and put on the necessary action to be a sure winner in this money making avenue. There are basically three best ways to make money online that I would recommend:

One way is through Article Writing or freelancing. While people are obviously reaping off dollars in article writing, you too can do this by signing up on websites offering the same services. There are some online sites lurking around that might be a scam, so try to do your research and learn the ropes of how to earn from it. So far, I have earned from Odesk as a freelance writer, you just have to bid on projects to get a job. You may as well try and Ehow. To get added traffic to your blog, you can sign in to free articles sites online like Ezine.

Another way is through Blogging. If you love to write, chronicle your daily rantings, commentaries and anything that you enjoy by creating a blog. You can take advantage of the free platforms available on the web like and to get started. They have themes and tools that are equally friendly to teach you how to set up a blog. Finding a niche or blog is easy. You can try first on a topic which you are passionate about. Build on your content so you can display related ads to your site. You can be rewarded through clicks on the ads placed on your site. Writing an equally good content can give you great chance to earn more revenue from signing up with Google Adsense. You can also integrate affiliate products such as Adgitize.

Lastly, you can earn through Affiliate Commissions. It is one of the best ways to get paid. Promoting other people's services or products can be done using the affiliate links that you have and promote it through your blog, google adwords or classified ads. The more visitor you refer to the site, the more profit you can expect. Sometimes you are rewarded by just asking people to sign up, give their emails and completing surveys and so on. Take advantage of the services offered in Clickbank and Commission Junction.

Other ways that you may consider and are equally rewarding are selling on Ebay, writing an Ebook, paid surveys, MLM sites and PTC sites to name a few.

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