Monday, August 9, 2010

Adgitize First Payment

Adgitize your web site.

Whoot! I just received by first payment from Adgitize Network through PAYPAL this week. Thank you so much Ken Brown for keeping your promise. What sets them apart from other blog advertising is that, they are up to date in making payments, you don't really have to beg and follow up. Three points why you should try them in you blog:

* You will definitely expand your blog network while increasing blog traffic.
* Enjoy what you love (Blogging) and being paid!
* When you advertise, as if you're not paying, because you will get your money back (just make sure to follow how to get 300 points).

Enjoy the rest of the month Adgitizing and see for yourself...

How about an additional .47$ a day? Not bad at all.


  1. You know I've look at their site once or twice when I've read it increased blog traffic; but I don't wish to pay to do that; so don't think it's for me.

    Hope it works for you
    Traveling Suitcase

  2. Hi Sandy,
    You can still register as a publisher if you don't want to advertise at Adgitize network. As a publisher, no need for you to pay anything. Like entrecard, you can copy your html code and paste it in your sidebard. Bottomline is you get to meet more blogging friends and more linky love to your blog.. Tnx.

  3. Wow sis, congrats on your earnings! More to come!



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