Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fashion Rings - My Latest Fascination

Fashion rings always fascinate me. In fact this beguiling passion for accessories started way back when I was still in my secondary years. I don’t know what’s really into it but it all started when my friends (in an all girls’ school) tried to wear attractive earrings and fancy hair ornaments. There were times when we have to sit down during class breaks and have to personalize our own stuff sometimes from funky earrings to a colorfully designed hair accessories made from velvet and multihued ribbons. Then come hankies, t-shirts, beads in making bracelets and necklaces.

When I stepped in to UAE, my fascination to this stuff has increased even more! There are specialty shops selling this kind of jewelries and surely entice you to try them. Good that there are some novelty stores in the mall where you can avail of this seemingly alluring stuff at a bargain. Seeing some ladies wearing bright and eye-catching items make you drool over this fashion stuffs. It's nice to wear black and silver classic combination rings that tremendously match from your lovely evening dress to that casual blue jeans and tees. While I've heard there are some eco-friendly rings made under fair trade and are ethical which are good for environmentally conscious individuals. There are some onlines stores that offers Fashion rings and accessories that showcase different styles that suit your needs too.

So far my latest enthrallment are the oversized and chunky fashion rings. I love to collect different colors with special stones. Vibrant rings like silver with some glitters on them looks equally attractive too. My mom's latest collection is made up of a large pearl and clear rhinestones which I also look forward to collect. I like butterfly designs with some crystals on it which are multi-colored. Just bear in mind that when you wear them, they match the occasion that you are attending. Or else you will look like an alien in the desert hehe. Flaunt them and be satisfied, I know you have equally different taste than mine. I accept suggestions and some recommendation should you wish to share them. What’s your latest personal craze? Care to see some of these ring samples for a gift?

Beautiful XX-Large Multi-Colored Crystal 3-d Winged Butterfly Fashion Ring Adjustable Size Hematite/Black Tone Rhodium Plated Crystal Cluster Fashion Ring (Pink&Fuchsia ) Chanel Inspired Black Rose Flower Sterling Silver Fashion Statement Ring Crystal Studded Yellow Enamel Flower Stretch Fashion Ring
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  1. so cute fashion rings...i love hat big silver/black rose ring, so cool

  2. I only have a couple...ehehhehe...ganahan ko anang red da...ehehehe!

    thanks sa dalaw mami dear...btw, Akesha is only 4...how old is your daughter.



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