Thursday, August 19, 2010

Movies to Watch With Your Sister @ GT

Jai Ho

Movie watching provides amusement and fun that make us relax and unwind after a tough day's work. Good that in this internet era, gone was those days when we really have to streak up to movie houses sometimes elbow to elbow just to get a glimpse of our favorites.

These days, watching movies online with no hassle is one of the best ways to amuse yourself. With the advent of CD and DVD, you can also watch romance, horror, adventure etc. using your favorite computer and laptops at no cost. My sister and I are saving for the future so instead of spending in movie theatres we are now opting to watch movies via internet for free.

One movie that we can't possibly forget which is equally entertaining, heartbreaking, and powerful is "The Slumdog Millionaire". Maybe you are also familiar with this film as it raked a lot of awards like Best Picture and Audience Award in Oscar Nomination. I just loved the verity that actors were not stars in this movie. One of the best films in 2008 directed by Danny Boyle, he combined the suspense of a game show (Who wants to be a millionaire) and of the vision and energy of an orphan who never stops hoping. This movie will surely make you laugh and cry at the same time.

I would even recommend watching this film for the whole family. A must-see film where you will agree with me, all its elements are tied perfectly, giving it a "great thumbs up".

video clip courtesy of YouTube.

What's your sister's favorite pick when it comes to movies? You can share it here @ Girls Talk! with Beauty Queen Gene every Thursday.


  1. i only watched this because my hubby wants to watch this movie.
    the movie is good... from rags to riches but he had done so many things along the way...

    happy weekend!

    here's mine:

  2. I remember that I watched this on DVD and really liked it. :)

  3. this is a nice movie, though i've watched this with my friends.

  4. when i learned that it won in the oscars, paulie and i watched it after downloading. didn't regret the decision, as it was a really good watch and the stories behind the movie are even more amazing :)



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