Saturday, August 28, 2010

Have you heard about Nuffnang Philippines?

Of course there are awesome blog advertising networks which are equally famous like ENTRECARD and Adgitize. I just recently signed in with Nuffnang Philippines and one thing I like about this platform is the chance of being able to participate in local contests and freebies! This is Asia Pacific's first blog advertising community with bloggers spanning from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Australia!

If you are blogger and want to earn when someone visits your blog, then nuffnang is for you! They allow you to register multiple blogs, but make sure that they should have at least 20 unique visitors daily. You can register as a publisher for free!

It takes pride of its cool admin panel where you can create and manage your blog. Aside from this feature, you can track your daily unique visitors by geolocation, referral sources, hourly page impression and a lot more! It can show analytics to show your recent viewers and a community where to connect with fellow bloggers.

Every 30 days, payments are sent via bank transfer, paypal or Philippine Check. You can view My Profile here. Learn more about Nuffnang and register for free!

1 comment:

  1. Hello there! I am Noel from and I wish to invite you to join my first ever contest. I invited you because I saw that you are also joining a few online contests and like you I am also an OFW.

    By the way, have you earned with your Nuffnang already? Before I tried but I don't get any ads, I'll try to revive it if it is good.



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