Friday, August 27, 2010

Movies to Watch With an Enemy - GT

My better late than never Movie Thursday entry finally is here. Yesterday was a bit of fun being able to cook different menus for a housemate's birthday. Actually I can't think of any particular movie to watch with an enemy. For now, what overwhelms me is the fact that we should share love to anyone that we meet. As Miss Kris Aquino would always say "love, love, love". Peace always gives us a sense of belonging.


Hotel Rwanda has always been one of my favorite movies. A 2004 drama film directed by Terry Jorge based on real life events in Rwanda, starring Don Cheadle. This is a true story of a hotel manager who was able to save more than 1200 lives during the Rwandan genocide. The film which has been called an African "Schindler's list, exploring political corruption, genocide and repercussions of violence.

Being an independent film, it also won nominations on multiple awards including Academy award for best actor, best supporting actress and best original screenplay. As the whole world closed its eyes to this crisis, Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager in Rwanda, opened his heart to prove that human spirit can make us stronger amidst all violence.

There you go, make love not war, this is a very disturbing film to share with anybody that will surely open a new world of peace with your friend,brother or sister and that with your enemy. Hope you like my pick for this week here at Girls Talk! with Beauty Queen Gene every Thursday.

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