Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clothes For Work - Mix and Match

Photobucket School opening is almost here! I can't help but spend ample time to prepare nice wardrobe for my work. I believe that it is not really necessary to splurge on expensive nice-looking clothes to equally feel presentable. Let's face it, clothing can be quite an investment. If you know how, you can enhance your wardrobe in no time and with less money!

The secret is: Try not to wear the same clothes over and over again! What I usually do is to mix and match clothes and complement them with neutral accessories. I see to it that I have in my collection dresses with basic colors like black or navy and brown. For accessories, I stick with neutral hue so it can go along well with any type of dress. Good thing I know how to create my own necklaces and bracelets so I can customize them! Lately, I found a new online store that also has all the fabulous designs which are very wallet friendly. The issue that bothers me is about the shipping cost and delivery time. I think, they are just manageable. I stumble upon it and fell in love with those cute and gorgeous favorites.

Want to check these too?
Handbags that you will love!
I like these fall blouses designs!
and those cardigans too!

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