Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Celebrate Green Christmas?

green christmas

Have you ever thought of celebrating Christmas with “green ideas” in mind? Maybe you might as well be wondering how we could celebrate it ‘green’? Well, since this week GT's theme is all about anything ‘green” and it just timely for 'ber’'s my share.

While Christmas is the time of the year where we get to feel the magic and wonders of anything yet some considered it as the most lavish, uneconomical season. We get to spend so much, prepare more foods, consume and hurl more away. It is during this season where we get to dump tons of rubbish that put in more stress on our planet earth. More wastes make this place a less friendly environment to dwell in.

'Going Green' is a call to buy less, decorate less and use less to easily celebrate a ‘green’ Christmas. Here are some creative ideas to consider how to:

1. Decorate your homes made up of recycled materials. Instead of buying new “moon and stars” for your decor for example, you can use construction paper and paint them with your favorite color. You can use live plants or trees as your Christmas tree and recycle your decor. Be a trendsetter.

2. Give environmentally friendly gifts to your loved ones. Be creative. Buy organic food, face and body lotion, recycled items, etc. You can share experiences too. Instead of spending on extravagant gifts that they already have or they might don’t need, give them experience. You may treat them to the nearest spa, a concert ticket to their favorite singer, a training session on how become a Virtual Assistant, a tour to the nearest cricket stand or baseball camp. Do you knit, carve or paint? You can use these ideas to create a personalized gifts for them.

3. Use reusable gift wrappers. Homemade wrapping paper is a lot of fun to do. You can use stencil and good paint to glow up your old news paper cut outs or comic strips. You can also use old cloth gift bags using pillow cases, curtains and sheets with your sewing machines.

There are plenty of “green” Christmas ideas that you can actually think of. You can feed a family, or you can plant a tree in the neighborhood; you can shop for organic bath soap and accessories or you may pick a book on environment. The most important thing is to make a habit to devour and conserve. What you use makes a lot of difference by knowing and acting how to recycle them. Christmas is not only a time for sharing and giving, but also for conserving and recycling. Help reduce waste and make this place a better place to live in.

'Go green, and think green' moment at Girls Talk today! with Beauty Queen Gene every Thursday.

I wish you everything green and nice!

Virtual Assistant.


  1. oh yeah, green nga pala is also a part of christmas color. Nice article.

  2. Oh wow, green christmas as in recycled stuff is pretty nifty. Good Idea!

    My Green GT here

  3. really great ideas for this coming gift-giving season :)

  4. i like your post. simple, symbolic and meaning. nice post..

  5. Yey!Pretty nifty!GO GREEN!!!\(^0^)/

    Thanks for dropping by at my GT green entry dear^_^

  6. as usual, very useful and timely post!



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