Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pink Taxi- Lady Driver Behind the Wheel

Image Credit: Xpress/FRANCOIS NEL/gulfnews

You will be seeing plenty of pink taxis plying the road of Dubai. So far there are around 65 of this kind which passengers can avail of. The demand for Pink lady taxi drivers is becoming popular and one local taxi fleet is planning to double their numbers in the next few months.

Culturally, more and more lady passengers choose to ride with lady cabbies because they feel at ease and comfortable riding. True enough, most lady drivers accentuate their uniforms with pink sandals and pink accessories which make them more noticeable. Westerners are surprised to see them for the first time.

If someone's planning to seek a job in Dubai, this might as well be a nice post to try - lady cab driver wearing pink. You can check related post here: Behind the Wheel- Pink Twice.
source: gulfnews

I wish you everything pink and nice!


  1. How are the rates now? Because from what I know it costs higher than the usual cabs.

  2. Actually, it's just the same rate. flag down rate from dubai airport to your destination is 20 dirhams. Good thing these lady passenger taxi drivers are customer service trained and are polite to all passengers

  3. I'm tired of seeing the yellow taxis here. A pink one would be the best alternative color more so the women drivers. At least those ladies who usually come home wee hours in the morning (call Center or gimmick), wouldn't be scared to ride the taxi.

  4. wow! that is pretty interesting...kuyawa pod woi...ehehehe! first time ko nakakita...ka bongga woi....thanks for sharing mami dear....:)

  5. given how easily Pinoys and Pinays can adapt to any situation, i'm sure they can pull off this driver-in-pink gig =]

    are there things and aspects of being Pinoy that you absolutely *heart*? please consider sharing them in my mini-contest to celebrate our being Pinoy and my blogoversary this month =] please visit for more details on Mission: I *Heart* the Philippines =]

  6. Interesting!!! Hindi pwede sa Pinas yan..Prone sa holdap..:-) Nice post!

  7. interesting, beautiful color here in the philippines usually yellow color or white. Hndi sya mukhang taxi hehe =)



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