Thursday, September 9, 2010

Smoky Violet Eyes at GT!

Anything purple catches the eye from violet flowers, to the dazzling lavender shoes, or enchanting periwinkle shirts, name it, this alluring shade captivates not just everyone but also myself, with no exception. whew!

I definitely have some stuffs with violet hue that range from wallets, tote bags, sandals to accessories. But what made me curious is how to equally look stunning by getting a perfect smoky violet eye?

This type of makeup is so cool that never really goes out of style. You can go chic daily on this shade or get fabulous during an affair or event. Although I haven't tried applying this on me yet, hopefully soon I'll try to experiment on how to perfectly blend this shade. Its dazzling effect is so glamorous!

Here's a video from youtube, to guide you in case you want to try on this fashion with step by step instructions.

This is my "late than never" entry on purple moments @ Girls Talk today! with Beauty Queen Gene every Thursday. Hope you have a grand time!

I wish you everything violet and nice!


  1. When it comes to make up, im not a fan of purple/violet, I love neutral colors and gold/bronze shades...anyhow, this tutorial is very helpful...

  2. hello sis, parang di ko kaya ito ... hahaha.. ang alam ko lang brown.. hahaha... very informative...

    Gt at Woman’s elan vital
    BTW, I’m inviting you to comment and win a nice hoop earring at
    Woman’s Elan Vital Thank You.

  3. i've been so comfortable with neutrals for sooo long that i think it's about time to try purple!!wow!this is kinda exciting don't u think!hehehe!

  4. I don't use make up unless there's an occasion that calls for it, but I do admire women who took time to put make up and make them look really elegant and pretty.
    Thanks for visiting my entry.

  5. hmmnn.. di ko pa na-try ang purple sa eyes nga minsan.

  6. great tutorial! i really must pay close attention to those if i want to learn properly :)

  7. oh!!! gusto ko netong smoky violet eyes now na!!! HIHIHIH

    nifollow na rin kita :) thanks for following my blog!



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