Thursday, October 21, 2010

Best Suspense Book of All Time - Girls Talk

Bourne Identity

Have you tried reading a book that makes your heart pounding until the end? There are a lot of suspenseful books out there that would put you at the edge of your seat. What makes me loved a book by page is the fact that it makes me drool over in pages with a bit of addiction.

'Bourne Identity' by Robert Ludlum brings in more suspense/thrill into his novel right up to the end. This book has come to screen for the second time but I love reading it more rather than watching the film. The first book of the Bourne trilogy series, Bourne Identity is fast-paced, well written and with fantastic plot.

The 'Bourne Identity' begins with a tale of Jason Bourne, was shot and rescued in the sea with amnesia. Discovered by a fisherman surviving with no memory in French Mediterranean Sea, he traces back his past through a harrowing personal maze. He came to know that he was a trained killer and now being hunted down by assassins. The book was really a page turner, the descriptions of people and places really helped the story come back to life.

Two other books of this series are The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. A truly entertaining read!

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  1. If not in your blog I would never know that the bourne Identity was from a book wow, thanks to Girls Talk I learned so many things by the way here's mine

  2. Still one of the best spy thrillers around. Love this book too. Read it in high-school and it has stayed with me since. :)

  3. Book pala xa galing,wow,I love the movie, much more if nabasa ko pa yung book. I will have this book no matter what,lolz... anyhow,have a great weekend Sis Karith

  4. i must admit that i have not read the books but have watched all the bourne movies! i've read other robert ludlum novels though.

    happy GT!

  5. I read the books before and saw all 3 movies, that book was already about 30 + (if I'm not mistaken) years old :D.

  6. yeah! usually the film version is altered. i like ROBERT LUDLUM books particularly THE MATARESE CIRCLE..

  7. i haven't read the books but i've watched the movies. i'll search for copies of the books because i'm sure the book versions are waaay better than the movie versions!



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