Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How To Go To Dubai On Visit Visa For Filipinos

Looking for opportunities abroad? Dubai can be an option, that's why a lot of Filipinos flocked in numbers daily just to get a glimpse of what Dubai or UAE has to offer. Being a haven of the wealthy and a progressive city, many Filipinos assume that the easiest way to find a job here is to obtain a tourist or visit visa and later apply for residency to legalize their stay.

Who wouldn't like to take a part of this city's growth by the way? Take for example the iconic world's tallest building, you can say there's Filipino architects and engineers behind. If you go round the newest and biggest Emirates Mall, you would be amazed at the number of flourishing Filipinos from almost any retail shops servicing the folks around. Relax at a spa, or drink your favourite coffee latte, for sure Filipinos abound everywhere.

The main entry requirement: a valid passport of at least 2-6 months before arrival.
For Filipinos, visit visa or tourist visa can be issued which requires a UAE resident sponsorship. If you are lucky enough to have a friend or relative to sponsor you, then it would be easier to process your tourist visa provided that he should be earning at least 4000 dirhams a month and must hold a valid residency permit. The visa usually cost 650 dirhams and takes 7 days to issue. Upon arrival, the sponsor must deposit your visit visa at the airport immigration for processing which will cost only 10 dirhams.

For most Filipinos who haggle up to stay and look for a job in UAE, it would be noteworthy to suggest that one should look for an employer sponsorship before your visa expires. Otherwise, you won't have any choice but to exit Dubai or you may go back to Philippines with sad stories to tell. Exits to Kish or Oman have been the best options but you have to prepare at least 3000 dirhams for visa, ticket, hotel accommodation, and take note you should stay their for a month before you can re-enter UAE for that matter.

Finding a job while on visit visa is not easy. Five to ten people may be competing for just one post. Salary may usually range from 2500 or less if you are new to UAE. If lucky enough, you may get better offer depending on the company and position. Accommodation alone will cost roughly around 500 dirhams apart from food and transportation.

It's not always good to take risk. A better decision should be done before coming here. A lot of Filipinos have been lured over big and bright promises about jobs here in UAE coming on visit visa. At the end of the day, you would end up regretting if you didn't do your job researching. There's a lot of Jobs for Filipinos up here, but mind you it's a little bit tough though. If you are strong enough to ride with the tide, then Dubai is for you. It is always safe to come to UAE with legitimate job offer and employer for your own safety. You can dare risk at your own prerogative.

Images of Dubai & the UAE


  1. I hope those who are planning to go there read this post, so they won't be victimized by illegal recruiters.

  2. That's true there are many illegal recruiters and i was victim of them before :(

  3. Very helpful and informative, thank you for sharing this post!



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  4. Do some research and survey lol . There a lot cheater . Becareful



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