Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getting Back in Blogger's Shape!

I've been missing a lot in my blogging world since I started my "jobhunting" and it was pretty challenging! Thanks goodness I finally made the balance after some sleepless nights finalizing and sending my cv's to different companies just to land a job.

My two cousins have just arrived on visit visa this week so they are just as lucky because I can accompany them while doing the "jobhunt". We started the week by doing "walk-ins" in some of the busiest malls. Jona (a mother of two) wanted to pursue a career in sales. While Galu decided to take the nurse post in Abu Dhabi since she don't want to spend another round of expense that will be spent on exit to Kish Island.
Although we have tried sending our CV's via online, it seems the feedback is not so quick and I felt it's not effective for me though. Goodluck to both of you guys!


Anyway, I still prefer to work in the school environment where timings are more favorable from 7 in the morning til 2 in the afternoon only. The best part is that I can still continue my online gigs which I would certainly be doing for the rest of my life, yay.

And yes, while on-leave I'm quite surprised to know that the html code which I placed in my blog last month has given me 1$ via paypal without lifting a finger.... check my proof...I Get paid for extra space in my website.



  1. that explains why your not visible these past few days...anyhow,good luck on your job hunting...

  2. Goodluck on your job hunting, and congrats also for the payment, looking forward for your next post. =)



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