Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashionable Medical Uniforms?

My cousin who recently came on visit here in UAE tried to apply as a nurse in one of the clinics. By luck, she got the offer in one of the homecare centers. Her nurse supervisor requested her to wear a cotton scrub on her first duty.

Due to limited number of establishments offering scrub suits here, we opted to check the internet on where to buy medical nursing uniforms. I remember the lovely nurses in San Pedro Hospital, Davao City wearing light-colored sets which are so cool to the eyes once I admitted my son there. They were just so amazingly dressed and their uniform designs were flattering. I just don't know if we can avail the same sets here.

There is one online site that I found offering scrub sets from simple to designer hospital uniforms. I was a bit stucked staring at those scrub hats which are equally good to look at. It's my first time to see fashionable designs which any doctors, dentists and any medical practitioners can simply try. Different colors and style of this innovative designs can be availed online.

I guess, it is just fair for nurses to wear the finest yet savvy products which would make them feel more at ease doing their jobs. They deserve the best hospital uniforms for them to function effectively in giving the utmost comfort and relief into the lives of those who need it. It is just my wish that my cousin can arrange a lab white coat for herself soon.


  1. fashionable medical outfits!wow,that would be really great! bff,congrats on ur new job!Mind sharing your experiences there in ur new kg job in here too! My eldest is in kinder 2 now and it would be great how Kinder school and preschool is handled there in Dubai as opposed here in Pinas! Take care always!!!MWAH!

  2. There are so many options to be fashionable in scrubs these days; there are scrub skirts (my favorite) and fashion scrubs with empire waist lines, contrasting colors, graphic prints (gothic print is very popular), mock wrap necks, crossover necks, johnny collars, boot cut, flare cut and more. Basically, you can find any style you wear in your normal clothes in scrubs. Always look for a high quality fabric, i.e. 60/40 or 65/35 polycotton blend, reinforced seems and a wide offering of colors, cuts and styles.



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