Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's On Your Grocery Shopping List - GT

Ladies, what a great topic for GT this November... sharing stuff we all love doing... Shopping. I know it's our favorite treat to wind up a buzzling day. I find it interesting too but I usually make my grocery list at least once or twice a month before pushing the grocery cart and filling it with crap, unwanted items. Grocery list provides me with the opportunity to budget and decide what I should buy in a week or so and make shopping a lot more easier.

Here in UAE, salary comes only once a month so I make sure all necessary items are bought. I am the type who always stick to my budget no matter what. My friend would always tease me as someone who is stingy but when it comes to food, I make sure I've got chicken, fish, beef and eggs in my fridge with a dozen of yoghurt.

I noticed that if you have a planned menu for week or month and having all the ingredients on hand, it can spare you time and energy just to get the lacking items for your menu from a nearby "ducan" or store.

Going to the food section usually is on top my itinerary then head on next to household section for detergent powder, downy, etc. but of course I can't ignore beauty products to keep my day. A once a month visit to a Filipino store would always be my great treat getting my favorite skinless longganisa, dried fish and pork meats. At times I like the ho-hum-day walking in the mall just to get a glimpse of some products without buying them,lol.

What's in your grocery list? Share your thoughts with the rest of GT buddies here.


  1. My grocery list is all about food. Hihi.. well, there are some toiletries and vanities, of course.. but the main reason why I do grocery shopping is to buy some food. My mom does the shopping for the household, anyway.. =)

    Hope you could drop by my blog and read my entry too.. Good day! =)

  2. Same here, I always stick to my budget, thats why I always have calculator with me

  3. When I was there, I make sure I got the NOL card before going to the grocery hehehehe...

    But after that, it's really all about food. On my list are toiletries and laundry things especially that Downy green (which I can't find here in the Pinas).

    And lastly, to Magrudy's and get one book within my book budget.

  4. disya!i miss u my bff! i participate in GT,too!Hope u can visit whambuddies ok!Musta na!miss ko chat sessions natin. Do update me ok!!!Take care!

  5. yes! a list is good of you have a lot of things to get. saves time!

  6. it's good to know there's longganisa there in UAE.

  7. yeah, I sometimes just idle my way through the grocery aisles without really buying. Just by looking some new stuff can already make my day! :)

  8. even if it's just once a month, it's good to know that you are still able to buy pinoy food that you love :)



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