Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year Resolutions @ Girls Talk

Are you striving for any life change? Definitely we all  look forward to a better life, better self and healthy lifestyle.  Who doesn't want anyway?  

As far as New Year Resolution is concerned, if not all are aware of this, it originated its form from Judaism religion. It is known as the Day of Atonement according to  Jewish New Year wherein everyone is expected to ponder over wrongdoings done within the year and should look for forgiveness. From there, almost everyone’s followed the belief.  But how to achieve them is difficult so it is better to accomplish something that is measureable. 

This week at GT, all girls talk about resolutions.  Pinay Expat Blogger found this to be a bit tough since it’s really not easy to work on with any wish list.

As the clock strikes twelve, we immediately imagine a lot of life-changing situations to amend.  Life is a constant change; for me, working out on a certain wish is better than writing them.  But I will still continue to dream in order to keep myself moving and do things right.  For GT, here’s my wish list:

* Be financially fit (this means more time with my writing gigs, online and offline biz)
* More time with my family (I mean, quality time to do some cooking of their favorite meriendas, mentoring on their school lessons and watching videos with them!)
* Being more frugal with things   (watch my spending and start adding up on savings!)
* Blog more and update them regularly ( don't forget to blog hop and comment!)
* Taking time out for myself (reading a page each day, singing my heart out once in a while and do some workouts to keep myself fit)

I know keeping them is easier said than done, but it's a matter of choice!  One tip: when you have a list, try to develop this list over time, keep it with you so you can refer back once you are tempted to break it.
Assist yourself in planning for 2011 with your resolution list, (Resolutions That Work: How to make & keep new years resolutions... more ideas from GT!


  1. will-power is the key sister! goodluck to us LOL!

    just followed your blog :)

  2. thanks for sharing the trivia here. i enjoyed reading.

  3. Let's toast to becoming better versions of ourselves! cheers! :D


  4. Hi Karith. Interesting info here. When I was a kid I used to have resolutions but as I got older, it was like a ritual and nothing resolute really comes out of it. I continue to uphold that if we want to be better persons, we don't have to wait for the New Year. We can be better persons right here and now, pronto if only we have the will. Like they say, if there's a will, there's a way. In Filipino, pag gusto, maraming paraan, pag ayaw maraming dahilan. Anyways, that's just me and my stubborn self, haha.

    It would be tough to stick with what we want changed in our lives but if one is determined and willful, nothing is impossible. I know you can do it.

    BTW, thanks for the shout at Lainy's Musings. I don't actually have a secret for the thousand views. I don't do the SEO thingy. I write in pure randomness. Lainy's Musings is a hub mostly of issues that I can rant and rave about with no holds barred.

    Thanks for the frequent visits. I hope I am keeping up.

    See yah!



  5. Lets drink to that sis! Good Luck to us!

  6. Great resolutions you have there! Me, too - we have to start watching our spending and save some more. Thanks for visiting. :)

  7. we almost have the same wishes this year, sis. not quite hard to achieve, aren't they? good luck to us!

    mine is here...

  8. those are really nice resolutions especially the more time with the family, and the being frugal stuff.. well, i'd love some time with myself as much as you do, lol! good luck, girl!

  9. nothing is impossible if one is determined ;)

    good luck on sticking to your resolutions, especially the ones regarding family and blogging :)

  10. I guess this year's resolution are based on Saving, Family and self then? :)

    I wish you luck!


  11. good luck on our resolutions! appreciated the trivia too, great article! followed your blog and will grab the badge! ;p

  12. Thanks for this good post.. Sana masama mo din ako sa Blogroll mo.. Thanks

  13. great list! siguro dapat ako din magtry ulit (probably harder on sticking to it) this year. Late naba kasi late Feb na? How are you getting on?



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