Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Churp-Churp Rewards

Have you heard of ChurpChurp? I just recently registered and am glad to be part of this social media site giving me a chance to earn extra.

What's in store?
If you haven't clicked your finger on the site yet, now is the best time to join to get that extra freebies!

With a desire to make it bigger and better, ChurpChurp  has launched a Cost per Action Campaign (CPA) to reward those who can refer friends to sign up and be a member. This means, one can grab personalized code from the site once registered.  When you complete the registration, you can immediately start a campaign using your Tweeter or Facebook account .   Just by referring a friend to the site you can get this whooping P15.00  earnings within a finger click!

A sister company of Nuffnang (a blog advertising network, now in Philippines), ChurpChurp is a community of social media influencers. You can start sharing campaigns with your friends like events, latest products or causes while earning rewards.

Cool stuff isn't it? Refer friends by clicking this link and be rewarded for spreading this message in your entire social networking sites!

Wish you awesome and lovely things around....

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