Saturday, April 23, 2011

A day in the Life of a Travel Nurse

My sister just left for Saudi yesterday.  I'm glad she's finally relieved from homesickness for a year, and again has to go back to serve the ailing princess in Jeddah.  She mentioned after a day of arriving there, they will fly to visit one of the best hospitals in  Riyadh .   I doubt, if her daughter, who is going to graduate in High School would emulate her and take same course as a travel nurse, like her mom. T'was Holy Friday when she left, I can feel how sad it is for her to left again her daughters in my mom's abode for a year.  Truly, being an expat away from home is a heroic act and being a nurse at the same time is another plight to behold.   

What does it takes to be a travel nurse?  
If you are searching for a dependable  and good paying  job, you may consider working as Travel nurse. While it’s becoming an in-demand profession nowadays, one should really check on the validity of agencies which are offering countless opportunities.  In getting this job, one should complete a nursing degree for at least 4 years.  Once completed, one should pass the state and  national certification exams.  You can plunge right into this career after graduation, but better to accept internship, volunteer nursing opportunities or  any other nursing job vacancies. 

Travel nurse  is becoming an ultimate answer for those who wants to practice nursing profession while  at the same time  explore  in different places. One can get the most out of this career  since it’s becoming a  highly appreciating work.  You can easily build trust and confidence while working in a team atmosphere.  Financially, this field is highly attractive.  

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  1. hi bff, great post! one great career choice for people who love to travel.



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