Thursday, April 14, 2011

Earning Online, a Potential Income Source

Do all money making machines online work?  I guess you too have received emails telling you how to earn online.  They are most likely "work from home jobs" giving you assurance to earn extra via internet.
Finding legitimate online jobs is difficult, so I came with an idea to share with you some sites which I found very useful to quick start your online search..  They are not only superb sites but surely, they are paying sites!

I started creating blog using a year ago. I found out that aside from Google Adsense, you can maximize earning through blogs by affiliating with Advertising sites supporting bloggers new and old alike. You may check on:

Adgitize - Registering with Adgitize is easy.  Spend your time blogging and it can help you generate traffic giving you potential visitors daily.  Advertising with Adgitize will likely double your chances to earn.  In fact, this is one of my biggest top earning site so far, sending income via my Paypal account.

Blogsvertise - Once your blog is now up and with a very good Pagerank, you will have the chance to get more opportunities like writing articles for their advertisers.  So far, the least amount  I received per article is $7. 

           If you are a little bit anxious about HTML etc., you can join Microworkers where you can try posting links on classifieds, rate articles, comments on blogs while earning from it.  You  can choose the job that you like, finish the task given and submit proof to claim your money.

You can use your computer to employ yourself...try it now!


  1. hi bff thanks a lot for this post! Can testify to its wonders, that's for sure! Am having a hard time with my PR though, please help!! chat with u soon!!

  2. I hope that there will be more opps for Pinoys like us in the Internet...

    BTW, I had already added you in my blogroll, I hope that you can also do the same...kindly add me in your blogroll..

    its me,
    Cielo of Brown Pinay
    Also blogging at
    My Point of View | GCircles |Status Ko |

  3. It is a beautiful post as always. Thank you so much for sharing this information.
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