Thursday, April 14, 2011

GT Biggest Fan

I've been missin' a lot of  entries for GT.  But I'm here to catch up GT giveaways which is happening this month.  That's why even if it's late in the evening, i'm trying my late-entry for GT: Biggest Fan hosted by Beauty Queen Gene. (better late than never lol.)

Who can ever forget the one who made it to the limelight while portraying the romantic comedy " Pretty Woman"? Yap, I love Julia Roberts to the max.

I am Julia fanatic since then.  Never missed watching her in "My Best Friend's Wedding", Notting Hill, Runaway Bride and Ocean's Eleven, among others. Julia Roberts has been included in the top 50 "Most Beautiful People in the World" by  one of People's Magazine and one of the most powerful women in America, who couldn't resist Ms. Julia Roberts, anyway?

More Biggest Fan Stories at Beauty Queen Gene.


  1. I COULDN'T RESIST JULIA EITHER!!I love her romance comedy flicks,and the song Fallen (which always reminds me of Papa Edwin) was used in the Pretty woman soundtrack! Definitely love your post bff, HAPPY GT!!Welcome back or should I say, sooo good to be seeing u post again in your blog!yipeee!

  2. She is cute and i saw few times her movies. mine is up...

    mine is here

  3. am such a chick flick fan, and she is my heroine!

    Thanks for indulging my star struck daze. Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

    Happy GT!

  4. Julia Roberts is one of the Hollywood celebrities I admire. She's really gorgeous and marvelous. I like her! Mine is up - My GT Entry

  5. She's totally irresistible! Hope you can visit my entry too! Thanks a lot!

  6. same kayo ni Mommy Lyza..
    Late Visiting from Girls Talk! :) Happy weekend!
    To die for Celebrity

  7. another Julia Robets fan here! love her in ERIN!

  8. and another vote for julia! i seriously love her too and have seen almost all of her movies!

    sorry i am more than a month late in GT visits. epic fail. LMAO.



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